Elowyn BLANK Partial Silicone Doll kit

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You will receive a BLANK, unpainted kit, no hair, no paint, no eyes

Photos of finished prototype dolls are for illustrative purposes only, to model what your doll could look like


  • Blank, unpainted silicone doll kit (no paint, no hair, no eyes)
  • Open mouth with inset tongue (optional, + $25)
  • Includes neck and flange rings
  • Makes a larger 20-21 inch doll
  • Full limb kit is 6lbs 8oz of silicone, cuddle head is 3lbs
  • Pre-cut Eye insets included
  • 20mm eyes, NOT included
  • I recommend a 22 inch cloth body, NOT included
  • 16-inch head circumference
  • Certificate of Authenticity included

Elowyn is my latest baby sculpture offering and is available with many options – she can be either a human or magical elf/fairy baby! You may choose to purchase this kit with full limbs, 1/4 limbs, or just the head, so you can make your own cuddle baby!

She makes a larger, fun-to-dress 20-21 inch doll when completed. Elowyn comes with pre-made eye sockets and has the option to come with a pre-opened mouth with a tongue for an added charge. She is poured in EcoFlex 20 Platinum silicone in your choice of 3 skin tones. You can choose to dress this doll as a girl or a boy.

Elowyn is an OPEN edition. I reserve the right to open and close the edition at my own discretion. She will be sold as either a blank kit or a finished doll by me. *******NOTE: The human version will be produced as a vinyl doll kit this summer. I may choose to reuse her limbs for a different doll in the future at my discretion.

I have my silicone kits poured ONLY by Maria Lynn Dolls. They ship direct from North Carolina, USA

If you have chosen a payment plan, your freshly poured kit will ship approximately 3 weeks AFTER all payments are complete.

**Shipping will be invoiced separately

*NOTE: my site is a work in progress. If you have trouble ordering, please send me a message explaining what you are trying to order and where you are located. I do not ship to all locations.


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